Key benefits

Low latency

Effortlessly replicate data from data sources to your data warehouse with low latency and minimize impact on data source performance.

Highly efficient data transfer

Artie leverages CDC to sync only changed data, resulting in lower network traffic and compute costs compared to traditional ETLs.

Built for scale

Artie Transfer supports fan-in and fan-out architecture. Each process is stateless and does not require centralized coordination.

Integrated with trusted platforms

Artie is natively built for streaming workloads and is integrated with Red Hat Debezium, Apache Kafka, Google Pub/Sub, and Kubernetes.

Reliable platform that ensures eventual consistency

Artie ensures data consistency and high reliability. In the event of an outage, Artie leverages offsets in Kafka to pick up where it left off, which helps maintain high data integrity while avoiding the burden of performing full re-syncs.

Automated schema evolution and table creation

Artie will seamlessly update the destination table to reflect changes in the source table, including both DMLs and DDLs. Artie will also create new tables if it does not already exist.

End-to-end automation with zero pipeline maintenance

Setting up Artie takes just a few simple steps. Artie will handle backfilling historical data and continuously stream new changes to the final table as they occur.